Dance Compositions

Over the years I've created a few of my own dances. I've usually been motivated by an occasion (wedding, bon voyage, anniversary) or a need (new material for a mixed experience level dance, a beginners' workshop, etc.). I'm glad to be able to share some of my dances with you here. I only ask that you don't publish them elsewhere (either in print or electronically) without my permission. If you have questions about my notation or suggestions about how to make the descriptions clearer, please contact me:

<bob"at"bobdalsemer “dot” com>.

Callers: I urge you to announce to the dancers the name of each dance and the composer, when known. I'm always surprised (and dismayed) at the number of callers who never announce the name of a dance or make any effort to find out where it originated. I'm pleased if you like any of my dances well enough to call them. Perhaps one of my dances will inspire a composition of your own. If so, please share it with me!